Our Story Care For Craftsmanship

Malus was born from the idea that drinking your cannabis should be as enjoyable as indulging in any other elixir. Our care for craftsmanship inspires us to dig deeper into the possibilities of cannabis-infused beverages. With this imagination, we embrace modern technologies alongside traditional wisdom for the highest-quality beverage experience.

Mindful at Every Step

Extraordinary cannabis-infused beverages are forged through attention to detail. No corners cut. No component sacrificed. Ingredients, flavors, and effects act as equal partners in the overall experience. That’s why we carefully source and formulate our beverages – to deliver fast-acting, consistent, and delicious results that just make you feel good.


Rooted in

There is a simple joy in connecting humans to the awe and wonder of nature, and in connecting humans to one another. Whether you’re highly experienced or curious about cannabis, Malus is for YOU. Malus represents striking a blissful balance between cannabis and other natural ingredients, and we honor the craft of cannabis and beverage innovation, with the aim of making the most of this magical, powerful plant.

Our Cider-
Making Process

Cannabis Journey & Emulsification

Cider Making Pocess


We procure premium, sun-grown cannabis from the renowned Emerald Triangle in Northern California. Citrus-forward and sativa-dominant, Sour Diesel is the perfect pairing for cider with its uplifting effects and fruity aroma.

Live Resin Extraction

Live resin is extracted from fresh plant matter that is immediately frozen after harvest, preserving as much of the natural chemical components and flavorful terpenes as possible. Rich in both limonene and alpha-pinene, these two mood-boosting powerhouses create a delightful flavor and experience, unique to live resin.

THC Distillation

This complex process separates the active cannabinoids from the rest of the plant material, resulting in a potent THC-rich oil. With minimal residual flavors, this pure cannabinoid oil reaches upwards of 99% purity and is responsible for the high effect.


This proprietary process transforms our live resin and pure cannabinoid oil into tiny droplets, forming an emulsion prepped for even dispersal throughout the cider. This step is critical to a smooth-tasting, measured beverage that elicits a calming high effect with each sip.

The Apple Journey

Apple Journey Illustration


Unlike traditional ciders made with “cider apples”, Malus starts with “eating apples” - ones that are considered imperfect and couldn’t sell to grocery stores. This blend of Granny Smith, Fuji, Red Delicious and Golden Delicious apples are crisp, firm, and juicy.

Cider Making


Apples are then pulverized and layered to extract the juice. The freshly pressed juice is placed in fermentation vessels with yeast, where it ferments for two weeks. The yeast works to turn sugars into alcohol, ultimately transforming sweet juice into spirited cider.


Using cutting-edge technology, alcohol is removed down to 0.5% abv while retaining the full flavor of the beverage. This step ensures a balanced and traditional dry cider taste.




To ensure consistency in both taste and potency, Malus undergoes a final review with precise analytical tools.



Malus is canned in small batches by an automated system, overseen by caring humans at Spacestation (yes, this facility is just as cool as it sounds).



Thanks to our friends at StashDash, Malus is delivered to your door in packs of four. Keep your can for coffee table décor or better yet, recycle!