Malus Snakebite Recipe


Take a Bite out of Summer with a Malus Snakebite

By Warren Bobrow:

Traditionally served in places where Guinness is also served, this cocktail is a biting classic. It’s not bitter, like drinking a porter or stout, nor is it as sweet and tart as drinking a glass of hard cider, although Malus is nicely balanced on its own. 

It’s the simple combination of two brilliant ingredients, each with their roots steeped in history: Guinness, an Irish classic beer, and cider, the ancient apple-derived beverage. 

Let’s sub out the hard (alcoholic) cider for a small can of Malus. Lightly dosed with live resin-derived THC. This bold sativa forward libation is just the perfect match to up the ante on a freshly poured Guinness. 

  • Pour a can of Malus into a chilled snifter. 
  • Bend a soup spoon so it fits over the rim of the glass, rounded side up. 
  • Gently pour a Guinness pub can (nitro) over the spoon. The stout will float beautifully over the Live Resin THC-infused apple concoction. 
  • Sip in honor of the Bards!


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