Klaus Malus Spritz


Malus Klaus Spritz

Malus Klaus Spritz


With our low dose and complex flavor profile, Malus is a great mixed drink base. But when hosting, it’s nice to set out a pitcher of something cool and refreshing, and Malus is a beautiful match for another infused beverage, Klaus, a spicy ginger forward sipper that’s also great on its own or incorporated into cocktails. 


This simple spritz recipe can be adapted to whatever fruits are in season. This summertime version features berries and stone fruits, but you may experiment with whatever you have on hand! 


Malus Klaus Spritz
2 cans Malus

1 can Klaus

6 oz. Fever Tree Tonic Water

Fresh fruit, sliced


In a large pitcher, combine all ingredients. Add ice and stir. Serve. Be sure your guests know that this drink is infused and that the total dosage per pitcher is 9 mg.