Meet Malus - cider and cannabis-infused


Meet Malus: The Art of Craft Cider

We get it: You may not have heard of a dealcoholized, live resin-infused apple cider before – because we’re the first! But what does all of that mean and why does it make us special? Read along for a quick rundown of what goes into making our craft cannabis cider. 


We Start with Really Good Hard Apple Cider – Not Juice

So what’s the difference between our apple cider and plain ole apple juice? We start with apple cider made from fermented fresh-pressed Granny Smith, Suji, Red Delicious, and Golden Delicious apple juices. Through the fermentation process, alcohol develops and adds further complexity to the palate. We then preserve the nuance and flavor of the cider but remove the alcohol through a gentle single pass dealcoholization process. It may sound complicated, but it’s pretty simple, really: We’re made from real ingredients in small batches, and we’re always made with care for flavor and quality.


We Infuse Our Cider with Live-Resin

What is live resin, anyway? Live resin is a cannabis concentrate made from freshly harvested cannabis plants that have been flash-frozen to preserve the plant’s natural terpenes and flavor profile. This process retains the plant’s original flavor and aroma, resulting in a more authentic and potent experience. Our Sour Diesel live resin infusion bursts with gassy, bold, robust flavor, and offers a cerebral effect thanks to a balanced terpene profile. 


We’re Easy Drinking and Low-Dose

All of our attention to detail pays off when you taste your first sip of Malus. Bright, crisp, and full-flavored with a cannabis-forward profile, Malus is great ice cold out of a can or mixed in a simple cocktail and matches beautifully with food. And because we’re super low dose, you can drink more than one and keep the good vibes going all day and night. 


We’re Fun With Friends!

Malus the social drinking alternative you’ve been waiting for! Pick up a 4-pack at one of our farmers market pop-ups, or order a few for home delivery directly on our website and you’ve got a party ready to be started! We recommend this punch recipe from master mixologist Warren Bobrow as a fresh, fruity, and alcohol-free way to socialize with cannabis beverages. Cheers to that!


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