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Horoscope: Aries ♈︎ x Malus 🍎

Aries (March 20-April 20)

Happy Aries Season aka Astrological New Year! The Sun is now in Aries, the first sign of the Zodiacs, making this sign a natural-born leader and pioneer. Aries are ruled by the warrior planet Mars, known for its courage, action, and desire. Did you know that similar to the way Aries is the first astrological sign in the zodiac, Malus was the first live resin infused beverage in California? Sign up now on our website to become alerted when Malus Granny Smith OG live resin-infused cider will be available near you! Then, head out to enjoy one of our favorite desert hikes in the Los Angeles Area. As we shared previously, enjoying Malus out in the beauty of nature is the perfect way to enhance your hiking experience. 

Explore Vasquez Rocks 🏜

Vasquez Rocks not only looks like the Aries ruling planet of Mars, but it also has a rich history of being used as a television and movie set to depict desert-like starscapes in Planet of the Apes, Mighty Morphin’ Power Rangers, and Star Trek. 

The Vasquez Rocks Natural Area Park has no entry fee and offers plenty of parking. There’s also a visitors center that’s open Tues-Sun 8:00am -7:30pm with information about the geology, plants, and animals that can be found in the area. Take note of the impressive red rocks that match the red of the Malus can and aline with the color of Aries.

There’s a variety of trails and hikes to choose from at Vasquez Rocks, but people also go out to explore and climb on the rocks themselves. If you’re planning on doing this, make sure you have proper footwear with good grip. Our favorite hike is a 2.70 mile moderate loop trail around the iconic rock formation. It takes around an hour and twenty minutes to complete with a 311 ft elevation gain. Dogs are also welcome as long as they are leashed! Take your time on this hike and try to connect to the incredible nature around you. Malus is part of Harmony Craft Beverages and as the name would suggest, we appreciate the harmony in finding a true connection to nature. Read more about Harmony Craft Beverages here.

As always with hiking, check the weather report before going out and dress accordingly. Be sure to bring sunscreen and plenty of water in addition to your  Malus. After you’ve enjoyed your cans of Malus, you should always prioritize recycling and keeping the trails as beautiful as you found them.

vasquez hiking trail

Map Courtesy of All Trails

Planetary Happening in the Season of Aries 🌝

April 1 – New moon in Aries

This new moon will force you to re-evaluate your relationship with yourself and pioneer you forward with optimism to make daring moves. Take charge of this New Moon and stand up for what you need personally and professionally.

April 16Full Moon in Libra

This Full Moon can light a fire within your soul, making you more bold and brave to make important decisions connected to partnerships. Harness the Full Moon’s energy by bringing balance, abundance, or closure to relationships in your life.