Journal of Moments


Klaus Malus Spritz

Malus Klaus Spritz

Malus Klaus Spritz   With our low dose and complex flavor profile, Malus is a great mixed drink base. But when hosting, it’s nice to set out a pitcher of something cool and refreshing, and Malus is a beautiful match for another infused beverage, Klaus, a spicy ginger forward sipper that’s also great on its…
Apple Pasta Salad

Apple Pasta Salad

Labor Day BBQ Essentials: Malus Apple Pasta Salad   No BBQ is complete without simple, classic sides, and this low-dose Malus pasta salad is the perfect late summer treat. Crisp, cool and refreshing with a delightful fermented apple bite, this pasta salad is a crowd-pleaser that will keep the party going and the vibes high. …

Malus Tops at High Spirits Awards

Malus, a cannabis-infused cider from Harmony Craft Beverages, takes home category honors at the High Spirits Awards. Malus Granny Smith OG, a cannabis-infused cider from Harmony Craft Beverages, has been named “Best Cannabis Beverage” at the inaugural High Spirits Awards hosted by the LA Spirits Awards. As the first cannabis-specific beverage competition of its kind,…
Malus Granita

Malus Granita AKA Live Resin Sno Cone

As it heats up across California, there’s no better way to serve infused treats than to freeze them! This Malus-infused granita is a super easy, make-ahead dish that you can serve on a hot afternoon for an icy-infused treat. The granita is icy and crystalized with a lovely ginger-apple flavor, and eats like a live…
Young woman in water at Tahquitz Canyon Waterfall

Waterfall Hike – Tahquitz Canyon

They say Tahquitz Falls is a place of power. When you enter, you’re tired and weak, when you leave you are rejuvenated and energized. As an avid hiker, I’m constantly in nature and always looking for new ways to connect with it. On this hike, I started it off with an ice-cold Malus to get…