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Malus Root recipe

Malus Root: AKA the Non-Recipe Recipe

One of the best things about working with high-quality ingredients is that it doesn’t take a lot to transform them into something simple and delicious, and Malus is no different. Because it has a right-out-of-the orchard flavor profile, its bright, apple-driven quality is a great match with a wide variety of flavors. One of the…
Malus Ice Cream

Malus “Ice Cream”

This simple recipe makes the most delightful summertime dessert! Cool things down this summer with a Malus live resin-infused “ice cream” you can keep in your freezer for a late night snack or serve your guests at a summertime BBQ. Low-dose and delicious, this infused treat is perfect for the cannacurious! Malus “Ice Cream” Serves two…
Cheese Platter with Malus

Cider and Cheese: A Match Made In Heaven

Move over, wine-and-cheese; cider-and-cheese is here to stay! With its bright acidity and subtly sweet character, Malus Granny Smith OG live resin-infused cider provides the perfect match for a variety of flavors and textures – and a cheese board is the perfect way to get out there and play with comparing and contrasting flavors!  Neat,…
Malus Granita

Malus Granita AKA Live Resin Sno Cone

As it heats up across California, there’s no better way to serve infused treats than to freeze them! This Malus-infused granita is a super easy, make-ahead dish that you can serve on a hot afternoon for an icy infused treat. The granita is icy and crystalized with a lovely ginger-apple flavor, and eats like a…