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Klaus Malus Spritz

Malus Klaus Spritz

Malus Klaus Spritz   With our low dose and complex flavor profile, Malus is a great mixed drink base. But when hosting, it’s nice to set out a pitcher of something cool and refreshing, and Malus is a beautiful match for another infused beverage, Klaus, a spicy ginger forward sipper that’s also great on its…
Malus Snakebite Recipe

Take a Bite out of Summer with a Malus Snakebite

By Warren Bobrow: Traditionally served in places where Guinness is also served, this cocktail is a biting classic. It’s not bitter, like drinking a porter or stout, nor is it as sweet and tart as drinking a glass of hard cider, although Malus is nicely balanced on its own.  It’s the simple combination of two…
Meet Malus - cider and cannabis-infused

Meet Malus: The Art of Craft Cider

We get it: You may not have heard of a dealcoholized, live resin-infused apple cider before – because we’re the first! But what does all of that mean and why does it make us special? Read along for a quick rundown of what goes into making our craft cannabis cider.    We Start with Really…
Malus Snakebite by Warren Bobrow

A Punch Bowl of Fun

By Warren Bobrow: Fresh juices are the apex of every California-crafted cocktail. California’s oranges, in particular, are tart, rather than the Florida oranges that us East Coasters grew up with. But treat these California-grown fruits to the heat of a charcoal grill and they caramelize magnificently, bringing the natural sugars out in flavors not yet…
Malus Root recipe

Malus Root: AKA the Non-Recipe Recipe

One of the best things about working with high-quality ingredients is that it doesn’t take a lot to transform them into something simple and delicious, and Malus is no different. Because it has a right-out-of-the orchard flavor profile, its bright, apple-driven quality is a great match with a wide variety of flavors. One of the…